Our Solid Pressed Clay Bricks

Glenthompson Bricks pride themselves on offering a uniquely individual boutique produce which guarantees builders, architect and home owners amazing flexibility and the opportunity to create an individual facia for their home office or individual project.

The entire process of creating a Glenthompson Brick happens on site, where red and cream clay is excavated. Brick presses dating back till 1940 are still used in the manufacturing process today, the kilns are stacked by hand to ensure specific needs are met and colour varieties are achieved. Refined oil is used to fire down draught kilns; which allows temperatures to be adjusted to ensure unique colour ranges are achieved. The manufacturing process creates a highly differentiated boutique brick product, with many colour variations in every batch; ensuring individuality for customer requirements be it modern, heritage or traditional.


Due to their individuality and the brick sorting process Glenthompson Bricks have achieved amazing results when reproducing bricks to match classic exteriors from period structures and completing extensions. They match existing colours from both old and new homes and offer flexibility for Builders Architects and Home Owners.


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