Our Range of Solid Pressed Clay Bricks

We produce a wide variety of bricks in unqiue colours and styles. We can match any existing type of brick or house, and also produce our famous 'tumbled' varieties for real authenticity in matching older properties.
Click on each wall for a larger picture.


Tavern Red Blend

Tavern Red bricks can achieve many different appearances dependant upon how they are laid and the exterior you are trying to achieve. These bricks look equally effective tumbled.

Heritage Red Blend

Perfect for achieving a classic period home be it new or an addition to an existing structure. Glenthompson Bricks have achieved sensational Red Brick match ups.

Red Blue Clinker Blend

Berwick Blend

The Berwick blend is a combination of light and dark red bricks and clinker bricks. It is a tumbled brick and is perfect for achieving the look of an older classic style home.

Cream Blend


Kymberly Blend


Tavern Tan Cream


Buckskin Blend


Autumn Tone Cream


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